by Know Your Enemy

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released July 2, 2017

Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by Nick Loiacono at Fang Studios



all rights reserved


Know Your Enemy California

Bay Area Hardcore.

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Track Name: Enda leikinn
Surrounded by ones
who speak in tongues.
Comfort themselves in the lies they've spun.
Just a bunch of snakes
in a field of empty threats.
You aint about it or
about shit for that matters.
It's fight or flight
but I refuse to choose the latter.
The hour glass runs empty
like the words you speak.
About time we settle this
in the fucking street.
Track Name: Ill Will
Death is all I believe.
No sympathy for the ones around me.
I feel my self grow colder and colder.
Day to day with a chip on my shoulder.
Felt this anger well up inside me.
Felt my humanity rotting away.
The light is gone and I'm feeling cursed,
rage has risen and I'm fully immersed,
boiled over and its ready to burst.
Me against the world lets see who dies first.
The truth is
I am evil,
and I do a devil's work...
Here to show you the true meaning of hurt
Track Name: Bottom of The Barrel w/ Ryan of Sworn Vengeance
My fingernails bleed
as they scrape the bottom of the barrel.
Kept down by this dream that was never mine.
A blissful future
aint nothing but a sugar coated lie.
Storms form as I stand alone,
sweating blood with a heart of stone.
Comatose as there's a war in my head
This world a ravaged land,
and its better off dead.
This world filled with liars and thieves,
structures built to take you at the knees.
Kicking me in the chest
when its already hard to breathe.

In this world I am a liar and a thief.
Hopes for better days
nothing yet constant fallacy.
In this world of rats
its them against me.
this fucked up world is my reality
Track Name: Rotten soul
I hang my head
as my nerves run thin.
My blood flows thick
like the disgrace I'm in.
It's clear now
that I cant keep on.
Can't continue this life of pain.
I sink as I lose my patience.
My soul rots as I hate my existence.
There's the pain in my heart,
that left my morals starved.
Dead to this world,
Everything soft turned hard.

Beaten into complacency
as I felt the wool pulled over my eyes.
Foreshadowing my fate
and the impending demise.
Just a shell of my former self.
I find it hard to move on,
to stay strong.
When everything I do
is wrong.

Plagued my mind
with the pain inside.
With these scars
I couldn't hide.
Mistakes of the past
I couldn't atone
its a long journey
that I'll make alone.
Track Name: Consumed
Stricken from everything I love...
Consumed by hate.
A fire inside.
I can't negate.
I'm sick of having to
fight back the fight.
A solemn streak of lonely nights.
My head is hard
but these thoughts are harder.
The days are dim
but only get darker.
Twist and turns
through the pain that I've felt.
Bound to play this game
with the cards I'm dealt.
my self from the world.
my hate of humanity.